Built on the Black Sea, port and third largest city in Ukraine, Odessa has always been a major tourist attraction. Popular during the summer thanks to its ideal weather conditions,the city counts numerous and unique sandy beaches.

In summer, Odessa welcomes its incessant flow of tourists who comes to enjoy the coastline which offers bars, restaurants and nightclubs. On the other side, the city centre – renowned for its Mediterranean architecture – disappears to give way to the tumultuous nightlife by the seaside.

Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, a peninsula formerly popular for the Ukrainians, "the pearl of the Black Sea" experiences each summer a renewed of attractiveness, making Odessa "the place to be" in Ukraine. Thus, as close to the coastline, numerous luxury housings have been constructed as the countless number of the ongoing buildings.

However, off-season, the normally crowded beaches and piers give way to empty landscapes, creating a heavy atmosphere where ongoing buildings mingle with the shore waiting its next flow of tourists.

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