Tom Girondel was born in the city-port of Le Havre, France and is a 32 years old former natural and coastal disasters officer working as a freelance photographer.

In spring 2014, Girondel spent several weeks in Ukraine where he documented life in the midst of a conflict zone with his analog Fujica using Ilford HP5 films. His work was exhibited in a solo show at the  gallery Espace international Cosmopolis in Nantes from June 19 to July 12 2015 that was embedded in an according cultural program.

In 2015, he started exploring digital photography using various Canon cameras. Throughout the year, he covered several  French as well as Eastern European topics with either political or social dimension that were published in various print organs.

Starting also in 2015 and continuing in 2016, he recorded various protest movements, both in France and Germany, that he contributed to AFP forum and that were sold to European print and online media organs.

From May 28 to June 22 2016 he returned to his roots as a geographer by reporting on Seattle’s water-based community and commitment to building an environmentally sustainable city for the twenty-first century in the USA. His work was exhibited at the Congress Hall  of Nantes on the occasion of the World Actors Climate Summit Climate Chance in September (26 – 28) 2016.

In the autumn of 2016, Girondel started a mid-term assignment on the situation of the Polish LGBTQ community under the new government  PiS - Law & Justice - in Warsaw  and portrayed Berliner AfD-voters following the party’s success in the latest German local elections.

He is currently based in Nantes, France and Berlin, Germany.

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