Thomas Girondel was born in the city-port of Le Havre, France and is a 34 years old geographer and former coastal disasters officer working as an independent photographer.

In spring 2014, Girondel spent several weeks in Ukraine where he documented life amid a conflict zone with his analog Fujica camera. His work “Reaching Donetsk” was exhibited in a solo show at the gallery Espace Cosmopolis in Nantes, France. He since often returns to Ukraine to document the country's transformation since the conflict broke out.

In 2015 and continuing in 2016, he recorded various protest movements, both in Nantes, and Germany that he contributed to the AFP Pool. Thomas then returned to his roots as a geographer by reporting on Seattle’s water-based community. His work was exhibited at the Congress Hall of Nantes on the occasion of the World Actors Climate Summit Climate Chance.

After having completed an internship as a photo editor at Le Monde French newspaper in 2017, Girondel decided to focus on documentary photography. He has since started a long-term project on Yeu island, (the westernmost island in France), to document the inhabitants’life and their perceptions of freedom.

His work has been published in France and abroad including GEO magazine (foreign editions), Rhythms Monthly, L'OBS, the Financial Times, the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, DOMUS, NEON, and VICE.

He is based in Nantes, France and available for assignments worldwide.

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