In partnership with Nantes Metropole, the City of Seattle and the Sister City Association, the project presents - from an informative and artistic point of view - the sustainable projects and challenges of a great metropolis considered as a laboratory for innovation.

Early as 1980, a sustainable policy has been established in response to climate change. Since the Emerald City continues to develop initiatives to reduce the side effects of anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

However the Northwest Pacific city is facing a major dilemma; due to its strong economic attractiveness and outstanding quality of life, Seattle experiences a strong demographic growth. Urbanization threatens the natural assets of state's largest city as patterns of climate change.

Seattle also has to deal with the disappearance of its fishery resources in the Puget Sound who's facing significant pollution and acidification issues. For the Native American tribes in Washington's state, fishing is part of their ancestral traditions. However the decline of marine resources coupled with population growth increase the vulnerability of this historic community.

Environmental documentary co-directed and realized with G. Chagneaud as part of the Climate Actors World Summit, Nantes, France

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